place value maths test

This is my place value math test. My goal in class is to rename large numbers. My other goals are rounding large numbers and puting large numbers on a number line.I’m so close to acheiving renaming numbers. In class we have been working on placing numbers on a number line, which will help me a lot with my goal.

On Saturday the 17th of October I went to Relay for life, I got a Face paint it was a Rainbow above my eye.

I got some stickers for doing some Activities I got a Red and Yellow one.

My Dad went to Phillip Island to watched the Moto GP.

My awsome Holidays

On the Holidays my auntie had a baby she named her Ripley.She was born on the 26/9/2015 at 7:35 pm. She weighed 8 pounds 10.

I also went to Fun City I played some Arcade games and Mini Golf I have over 3,000 tickets.

I also played with my cousins dog Max he bit me on the hand.It hurt really badly.

On the last Sunday of the Holidays I played on the Water slide in my backyard.

I went to Kids fest and got a face paint of a Butterfly my sister got a rainbow above her eye. Watched some Sponge bob square pants.

Healesville Sanctuary

On Tuesday the 1 of September our class is going to the Healesville sanctuary.

We need to be in our classroom at 7:45 am so Mr. O’Sullivan can make sure we are all at school.

The bus is leaving at 8:00 am SHARP.Don’t be late!

The weather forecast is frost and then sunny and 16 degrees.

We must be in full school uniform.

Things to bring:

-Enough food to last the day.

-Water only. Maybe 2 bottles.

-A book to read on the bus.

-school bag.


In my group I have Lindsey, Bella, Lindsey’s mum and me Sarah.

I’m looking forwards to seeing the Reptile house and the platypuses.



cyber safety

Cyber safety is all about being safe and responsible on the internet.

This means that no personal information needs to be posted on the internet about yourself or anyone else you know.

It’s important that we re-read our posts so that the information makes sense and is correct.

My first post!!



My name is Sarah and I’m in MJO.

I enjoy coloring, playing with my friends, watching T.V, reading, writing and maths.

I am 9 years old and born on the 23 of April 2006.




Stay tuned for more post by me!

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